prostheticknowledge: Synergy Stop Motion animation experiment…



Stop Motion animation experiment by @treatstudios combines light painting with a tablet with a sliced looping seabed to create a holographic effect:

This short experimental piece of animation was was created using
several processes, all of which began off life inside the computer. With
the help of simple laser cutting, an iPad, a homemade motion rig and
DSLR Danny and Alex created a unique stop-frame animation using long
exposure photography to bring all these processes together in perfect

The film began life as simple animation of a whale swimming. Each
frame of the animation was then saved as an individual CGI file, this
file was then turned into a movie, where-by the form and position of the
whale was record, “CAT scan style” from head to tail. These movies were
then played on an iPad which was attached to the motion rig. As the
movies played out, the iPad would steadily move along the track,
re-drawing the shape of the 3D whale in real space. This process was
captured using the DSLR camera via long exposures, the camera would
record the light from each movie, as the iPad moved from A to B on the
motion rig, turning the movie on the iPad into a single photograph on
the camera

The secondary process was creating the environment for the whale to
exist in – our “looping seabed’’. This was designed in the computer as a
tiling CGI model, which was then divided into 2mm thick slices and
laser cut from MDF wood. The slices stack back together in real life
creating an infinitely looping seabed for our whale to swim over. 

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