Leather Nato Strap 22mm Watch band Black leather watch by GORIANI

Nato strap 22mm Watch band Black , leather watch strap, Hand made All the zulu/nato Watch strap are made by me. Every single one is handmade and hand sewed with strong and waxed threads. The leather that I use is genuine, its high quality and carefully chosen. Working-out the watch strap is long and hard process. I start with one leather piece and I make everything with my own hands from the begining to the final look of the watch band .

Material: Black Leather band\watch strap

Style : Vintage – 24mm x 24mm – 13.5 cm long piece – 8,5 cm short part – 2.5-3 mm thickness – 1 keeper – 6 holes

• Interested in the leather strap design?

We have a short and double tour watch strap available:


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[ PRODUCTION TIME ] ♦ Production time is 1 – 5 days. All products are handmade


Your order will be made, wrapped with love and sent on its way from Europe. All parcels will be claimed low value. All orders will be shipped via USPS with a tracking number. To ensure its safe delivery, the package would require a signature at receipt. Items processing times vary, but after MAILING:

> Orders to the U.S. / Canada are normally received within 1-2 weeks Orders to Australia / Asia are normally received within 2-3 weeks > Orders to EU countries are normally received within 2-6 business days > Orders to all other ends of the world are normally received within 3 weeks Back to our shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GORIANI


If you would like to return an item, you must ship the item back within 2 WEEKS from the date you received the item. We appreciate your understanding – we would not be able to reimburse you for your return shipping cost as we try to keep our prices relatively low.


If you see something you like, but wish to have some alterations made, or if you would like a different color or material for a specific design, please contact us so we can discuss the production of your custom-made item. You can use the REQUEST CUSTOM ITEM button in the left-hand column. Please note that we will request payment before the item will be produced. *** Please also note, custom requests must be made and approved before ordering. PLEASE NOTE – the exact color of the leather does vary from cow to cow. We can not control the exact shade of brown you receive. Over time, these watch straps will get darker and darker as they accumulate oils from your hands in daily use.

Kindest Regards,


© All images and designs are the property of Goriani.com, Copyright 2016

Source: Leather Nato Strap 22mm Watch band Black leather watch by GORIANI


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